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The Thinking Man’s War

As America comes up to the 50th anniversary of it signal ‘failure to win ‘ a war, the Vietnam experience is being re-eviscerated, This time it’s being compared to modern war and how we don’t seem to be winning the War on Terror either.

Ken Burns has, supposedly, done to Vietnam what he did for the US Civil War – humanized it, uplifted it artistically, morally, and historically as a ‘high point’, and not a low point in American history.  Study groups and academics are churning out new ‘looks’ at the men and the moments when either America ‘shone through’ or ‘went to a darker side’.  Most of the emphasis is, of course, on ‘shining through’.  There is this piece from ‘War on the Rocks’ written by doctoral student Jon Askonas

The Heroic Leader and the Better War From Vietnam to Afghanistan

America, these days, is ‘gridding its lions’  to do “what must be done” to “de-nuclearize” North Korea.  That’s increasingly looking like the kind of thing that ‘had to be done’ to Afghanistan , Iraq , etc – only possibly even worse, as it could be the ‘Norks’ might ‘nuke’ one of our ‘regional’ allies  or ‘shell the heck’ out of Seoul. A nuclear first strike is probably a ‘coffee and biscotti’ topic  in the White House sub-basement bunker complex – particularly getting the nuclear neighbors ‘on-side’ for letting the good guys do that.

What level of ‘getting for letting’ would be indicated in order to insure against General Dreedle just ‘going nuts’ and getting ‘the inevitable’ done at the same time?  Trump would have to send Melania as a ‘human shield’ to Moscow and Ivana to Beijin or Shanghai with a couple of her kids. While Trump might want them to take a couple of the Obama administration,  or a few DARC’s – Putin wouldn’t trust Trump as far as a B-2 Ghost could ‘toss’ the new GenX tactical-nukes. The Chinese are just ‘saying’ not much and ‘doing’ even less.

But so what?  North Korea has been threatening world peace since it caused that post-war police action at the behest of Uncle Joe.  Since then, all it has done is require the presence of a couple of US army divisions and an east Asian air force,  standing-by to guard the SORKs and their Parallel. Sure there were a couple of post-war ‘close calls’,  but America has been ‘a buttress’ against talking peace with commies and much interested in changing the Nork domino.

What is happening now, in Korea, is just a logical extension of what has been SOP there for 70 years,   ‘modified’ by America’s recent humanitarian rambustuousness. After Bushco the Second decided that Clinton made ‘too sweet a deal’ to get the NORKs  to discard their nuclear industry, the Kims watched him ‘go to work’ in western Asia and thought, ‘Should he ever get out of that quagmire,  the east might really be red – with blood. Best have something in the arms locker to make the shaolin warrior-monks tug a little longer on the prepuce of fortitude.’

It took the Koreans an administration and a half to become really terrifying and they’re (or we’re) turning the ‘skeer’ into a  ‘national emergency’.  Americans are being treated to how Israelis feel living under a Gazan rocket barrage – or the thought of one.  We’re giving the Israelis  the tools they’ll need to do their ‘jobs’, so why should we leave ourselves out of ‘the danger’  ….  or ‘the solution’?

We can take some comfort that, for all the hoo-hah and rattling sabres,  if push comes to shove,  it won’t be on the UN’s dime,  or with the UN’s blessing – America is going to have to ‘go commando’ on the NORKs on its own – and take the risks of a nuclear conflagration. For,  without some ‘jaw-jaw’, the NORKs are going to ‘eat grass’,  as Putin said, rather than disarm themselves in front of American threats and aggression.  There is nothing in it for them to quit  – and Trump Inc is too dumb to realize that.

Nuclear tests 1945 to 1997: We had this stuff stopped and then we started ‘missing it’? (actually after the first couple of blasts – we can do all our ‘testing’ in a Math Lab)


Nuclear Tests: 1945 -1997






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Another Big Fat Conspiracy

How did Putin steal the US Presidency from Hilary Clinton?  The short answer is ‘We don’t know.”

The more nuanced answer is that ‘we do know’ because a ‘private internet security company’, in California, has detected traces of what he calls a Russian hacking group busting into the DNC server and stealing email. He also detected ‘Russian’ hacking in an attempt, he claims, to make electronic voting machines on Illinois  register a different vote than was entered. And then there is the Wikileaks ‘dump’ of email relating to Hilary Clinton on a number of different issues – released shortly before the vote. Along with what is claimed to be a constant barrage of ‘false news’ written in Moscow and published in US media,  there is, according to a 12 page Security report on the subject, a clear and present indication that Putin has been personally doing the ‘hokey pokey’ with America.

This has been maintained as the fundamental understanding of ‘what’s up’ and has been further extended and expanded to an investigation that Trump was in cahoots, or was possibly even being blackmailed over some micturating prostitutes, with or by Moscow to gain the throne and then sell America down the  proverbial (or in Bennie Arnold’s case the Hudson) river.

A meeting with the Russians this weekend past has provided the latest grist for that mill and US media has been ‘chunnering’ that Trump blabbed the ‘down and dirty’ on some very tip-top secret US ‘intel’ about an  ISIS plan to change civilization.

It just so happened that the same day this story broke – so did another – a report on the mysterious death of a Democratic Party IT worker called  Seth Rich.  Rich was found, dying of two bullet wounds, on a Washington street early last year.  His death, ascribed by police to a botched robbery in which Rich was not robbed, has been investigated by a man hired by the Rich’s family.  That investigator is now claiming to have been told, by police and FBI contacts, that Rich’s laptop, sequestered by police as part of their investigation. reveals details of possible contacts, over a period of time, between Rich and Wikileaks. There has long been a ‘counter story’ to the ‘Putinic plot’ to ‘bolshoi’ America, that someone inside the Democratic Party may have been releasing their communications – John Podesta’s email indicted he was of that opinion.  We know for fact that much of the damaging information about Clinton, released late in the campaign and which caused the FBI to announce “an investigation” – was released by the NYPD after they seized a laptop belonging to Jeffrey Wiener (‘see Jeff’s dick’ fame) – the husband of Clinton’s personal assistant Huma Abedin – and on which they found an amount of Clinton/ Democratic party material.

An upcoming release of further information , it was claimed , would detail some of this contact with Wikileaks.  Wikileaks founder Julian Assange went on record to talk about this slaying and while making no admissions that Rich was his source, nonetheless offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of Rich’s killer.

If any of this is correct it could indicate that the conventional wisdom governing America, its government and its foreign policy in regard to Russia is, essentially, like the WMDs of the BushCo era,  another load of bunkum and hooey causing great destruction and accomplishing little or nothing.

This story is well detailed on Mnar Muhwesh’s  alternitive news site ‘Mint  Press’.

Mint Press Investigation