Hotel Heaven

The nasty Taliban have reprised their ‘Here’s Johnny” at the Hotel Serena in Kabul. Just over a year ago they provided a ‘son et lumiere’ show for the residents of the ‘bund’ in Kabul as they attacked hotel guests in a blaze of gunfire that killed 7. The subsequent all-day onslaught to eliminate the terror was the real show. This year’s event was much more low key with nine – including some very young children – being killed.  No wit has yet  made any remarks about “bringing your children to a warzone” – because, I imagine, this time the ‘bad guys’ did it. But the attack did upset the security applecart.

On the bright side, the attackers were able to use only small calibre weapons rather than the heavy equipment with which these attacks are all-too-often ‘made’. On the brighter side, hotel security responded quickly to eliminate the 4-man threat.

This attack seems to be part of a Taliban ‘surge’ to upset the Afghan election – which the Taliban weren’t slow to compare to the recent “illegal” vote in the Crimea, that is now being condemned by the same “occupying force” that is promoting their version of a vote in Afghanistan.

Other attacks in Afghanistan, yesterday,  prompted one news source to run the headline “War Breaks Out in Eastern Afghanistan”. The editors of this  were never in the Hotel Serena and seem to have ‘missed’ Afghanistan for the last twelve years.

Hard to believe that a year later Afghanistan is still in the news – two bombings in Kabul followed by a good three hour ’round’ of gunfire. And in Ukraine  Crimea is ‘laboring’ under the massive changes  joining Russia (that was a shock – voting to ask the RF for membership status.  That vote too: illegal’) – increased pensions and medicare, and if you’re Ukrainian, more security. The destruction of Eastern Donetsk and South-eastern Lugansk continue,  with some opposition.



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